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Buddy Ball

Ridge Baseball Club�¿½¿½¿½s Buddy Ball Division has opened registration for Bubby Ball!�¿½¿½¿½ A program that has been part of RBC for over a decade that provides an opportunity to play baseball for all for special needs children.

Formerly called Basking Ridge Little League Challenger Division, the program provides special needs children, ages 5 through 21, with the opportunity to enjoy and participate in sports, with the emphasis on emotional development and fun through baseball.

Buddy Ball baseball features �¿½¿½¿½buddies�¿½¿½¿½ who help by assisting the players when needed.

More than 30,000 players nationwide participate in a Buddy Ball-type league. The fundamental goal is to give everyone a chance to play, regardless of limitation.

Registration for the Buddy Ball Division spring season will be open through into April. Full details about the program�¿½¿½¿½are available on the league�¿½¿½¿½s website, www.ridgebaseballclub.org. Registration can be completed through this onlin registration form.

Along with players we need VOLUNTEERS to participate!


If you have never volunteered before here are some of the details:


  • We play our games on Sundays at 12:30PM, no weekday games.
  • The games last about an hour, 12:30 �¿½¿½¿½ 1:30pm�¿½¿½¿½
  • We play a 2-inning game with all the players getting to hit each inning and play the field.
  • Your responsibility will be to be their �¿½¿½¿½buddy�¿½¿½¿½ for the game.�¿½¿½¿½ You will be assigned to one of the players.�¿½¿½¿½ You will help them play the field, directing them where to throw the ball, run the bases and making sure no one gets hurt.
  • You don�¿½¿½¿½t have to make a commitment to attend all the games, just try to attend as many as possible.
  • We try to match up the players with the same volunteers each week to make them feel more comfortable.�¿½¿½¿½ But if it�¿½¿½¿½s not a good match we can always switch volunteers with new players

Open to: Men & Women
born between: 04/30/2014 and 04/30/1980

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